Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance

Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance
Is it just a common cold? #YouNeverKnow
Lengthy medical bills can change your financial condition.
Get covered with Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance.
Covers pre and post hospitalization expenses

Covers ambulance charges up to Rs. 1000/- per hospitalization

24×7 Online Medical Assistance with Health Care Magic
Income Tax benefit as per Sec 80 (D)

Quick approval for cashless claims

Tie-up with more than 4000+ Hospitals and 1500+ Diagnostic clinics across the country
Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation.
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Tollfree: 1800-209-0144
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Royal Sundaram Lifeline Health Insurance Plans

Double your Sum Insured in 5 claim free years with Royal Sundaram’s Lifeline Health Insurance plans
Royal Sundaram Lifeline Health Insurance Plans


100% Reload of Sum Insured at no extra cost

No Room Rent Capping or Disease Specific Limits

Double your Sum Insured in 5 claim free years with No Claim Bonus

Covers Ayush Treatment as well as Vaccination in case of Animal Bite

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Presenting Lifeline – Health Insurance plans that work for you. We have come up with Lifeline range of Health Insurance Plans which can be customized for you & your family!
Lifeline Classic
Covers Sum Insured between 2 to 4 Lacs Lifeline Supreme
Covers Sum Insured between 5 to 50 Lacs Lifeline Elite
Covers Sum Insured between 25 Lacs to 1.5 Cr

Benefits and Covers

Pre and post hospitalization expenses 60/180 days, Covered upto Sum Insured.

International Treatment abroad for specified 11 critical illnesses Covered upto Sum Insured Return Airfare. Covered upto Rs.3 lac

Ambulance Cover Up to Rs.10,000

Access to Preferred health network – (Avail discounts at Diagnostic centers, OPD Centers, Pharmacies, Gyms, etc)

Maternity cover of upto 2.5 Lacs for 2 deliveries

Organ Donor Expenses Covered upto SI

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Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. Royal Sundaram Alliance Insurance Company Ltd. All Rights Reserved. IRDA Registration NO.: 102.Granted on October 23, 2000. Please read the policy terms and conditions carefully before concluding sale. Corporate Office: Royal Sundaram Alliance Insurance Company Limited, Vishranthi Melaram Towers, No.2/319 , Rajiv Gandhi Salai(OMR), Karapakkam, Chennai – 600097.

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Economical healthcare, health insurance help

Medical expenses can cripple the finances of any individual, so many people especially salaried individuals prefer to purchase health insurance to pay for medical expenses especially during hospitalization.
There are many health insurance providers and schemes available, so it is important to choose the right insurance provider and get the best deal, after reading the terms and conditions in detail.
The insurance provider should be selected according to the location where the person is staying
Health insurance providers interested in a free listing can send their details to