India wastes tax payer money to ruin health of obc engineer

Most countries will spend money to ensure that their citizens are healthy, however a poor country India in 2015 has become like nazi germany with a huge amount of tax payer money wasted for more than 5 years to ruin the health of harmless civilians, especially brilliant single women obc engineers, Paypal account holders and domain investors

The shameless fraud indian security and intelligence agencies are like callgirls willing to do whatever large corporates like google, tata tell them to do. So if google, tata tell these criminal officials like goan obc sex bribe giver sunaina’s pimp pritesh, goan gsb fraud riddhi’s husband, ntro fraud j srinivasan to harass a harmless single woman obc engineer, they will do so depending on the bribe amount.

The torture in goa continues on 30 december 2015 causing insomnia

Fighting state sponsored health problems can be expensive

Increasingly in india high tech radiation weapons are used repeatedly to ruin the health of harmless civilians often for personal gain or greed or corporate goals. In this case, it remains extremely difficult to identify the criminal officials wasting indian tax payer money to ruin the health of a harmless civilian, yet the damage to the health of the harmless civilian can be fairly significant,
No medical professional will be willing to help the harmless civilian being assaulted daily by the criminal officials allegedly bribed by google, tata to torture them, and it becomes difficult for the harmless civilian to lead a normal life

Looking for Hospital, medical professionals to help torture victim

Looking for hospital which has experienced medical professionals who are aware of the latest high tech torture methods used by indian intelligence and security agencies to stifle dissent, destroy the life of obc and non brahmin professionals. These high tech weapons use high power radiation to cause great pain, memory loss, headache, bodyache . More details at Hospital Report Cards and Pain of domain investors