Pain ray used to torture harmless indian domain investors, paypal account holders

In India due to the misplaced healthcare priorities of indian intelligence agencies, a huge amount of indian tax payer money is wasted to ruin the health, finances and cause great pain to harmless indian citizens, especially domain investors, paypal account holders misusing the pain ray or active denial system(ADS) which the indian intelligence, security agency officials have access to for national security .
Any other harmless indian domain investor, paypal account holder or indian resident being ruthlessly tortured using these invisible hitech weapons, which cause great pain, can send their details to and check Healthcare website for more information.

Prioritize your health now

TATA AIG Health sent a mailer with the title “Prioritize your health now’ on 12 February 2016 at 3.55 pm . The harmless single woman obc engineer, domain investor and paypal account holder being mercilessly tortured to cause great pain daily by the contract killer officials posted in panaji, goa could not fail to notice the irony of the email.
For their corporate goals like destroying competition, acquiring talent and technology cheaply, google, tata are allegedly bribing the cruel criminal contract killer ntro, security agency officials posted in panaji, goa to mercilessly stalk and torture the harmless obc engineer to destroy the cells of her body, causing great unbearable pain using hitech radiation weapons.
The latest criminal attack in panaji, goa took place at 12 February 2016 around 7.20 pm causing extremely severe pain to the harmless civilian obc engineer and continues an hour later as these criminal officials remain hidden and unpunished for their crime under section 323 and 324 of the indian penal code.

When tata officials are bribing criminal officials to criminally attack and damage the body cells of a harmless civilian, causing great pain, to ruin her health, why does tata aig health send mailer when their group companies are involved in the most horrific human rights abuses, torture on harmless indian civilians, ruining their health for their corporate goals

Criminal officials attack eyes of obc paypal account holder

At around 7.45 pm on February 11, 2016, the cruel criminal ntro, security agency officials posted in panaji, goa again attacked the harmless single woman obc engineer causing eye pain as part of their alleged contract killing arrangement with google, tata. These officials are increasing the radiation levels of the hidden ntro wifi network to a very high level to intentionally cause great pain, wasting tax payer money to torture a harmless civilian for personal gain and corporate goals

Non consensual human experimentation affecting eye sight

To allegedly help google destroy competition, ntro, security agency officials in india are testing various radiation weapons on a harmless single woman engineer, domain investor, Paypal account holder, link seller, trying to destroying her eye sight, causing great pain. These officials are falsely claiming national security, when in reality they want google to retain the 95% + monopoly on the indian market. Information on the names, designation of the officials involved in the torture will be appreciated

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Officials in India told to criminally torture harmless domain investors

n a reflection of poor governance in India, powerful cruel criminal security agency officials are told to specifically stalk and criminally torture harmless domain investors to cause great pain for the goals of corporates like google,tata, especially in panaji, goa. The criminal security and intelligence agency official can easily leave the harmless civilian at home alone, as she is not breaking any law or harming any person.
However in panaji, goa the officials controlling expensive directed energy weapons are cruel criminals, who have no work, other than monitor the laptop, internet connection of a harmless single woman obc engineer and torture her repeatedly in a day to cause great pain falsely claiming national security when they are blinded by the sex and other bribes of the shameless fraud R&AW/CBI employees, like goan gsb fraud extortionist housewife riddhi nayak who looks like kangana ranaut, obc bhandari slut bsc sunaina, brahmin fraud nayanshree hathwar, who falsely claim to own the domain names

These criminal officials in panaji, goa make it difficult for the obc engineer to work on the computer for 15 minutes during the day. The obc engineer being tortured will have to procure an expensive electrosmog meter TES-593 to document the daily human rights abuses of the criminal intelligence and security agency officials posted at Panaji, Goa. More details of the daily human rights abuses, torture are documented at Electronic torture methods.