On 5 June 2016, panaji, goa criminal torture by government officials started at 7.15 am causing pain

It appears that the cruel animal like government employees in panaji, goa who specialized in human rights abuses using microwave radiation weapons start working at only 7 am .
These cruel criminal robotic security, intelligence officials, allegedly bribed by tata, google are closely monitoring the internet connection using expensive ntro equipment and ruthlessly launched an attack at around 7.10 causing very great pain as these ANIMALS in human form, try to cover up their SEX, CHEATING FOR GOVERNMENT JOB FRAUD

These sex bribe taking FRAUD CRIMINAL indian government employees involved in daily human rights abuses in panaji, goa do not have the honesty to defend their criminal attack in an open debate yet are paid a monthly salary for their DAILY CRIMES wasting indian tax payer money.

Due to these criminal fraud indian government employees who specialize in sexual harassment, stalking, torture of harmless single women, the engineer is unable to work during the day in panaji,goa because a CRIMINAL SEX ANIMAL indian government employee has been deployed by tata, google to stalk, attack her with the most sophisticated equipment in the country