high levels of pain due to microwave torture force domain investor to flee

It appears that Idea is using the tata internet connection, and the cruel animal like mentally unsound official who has been relentlessly stalking and torturing the harmless domain investor for more than 6 years does not lose an opportunity to criminally attack her causing great pain, as the official tries to murder her to cover up his sex, cheating fraud.
The pain is so intense when the idea connection was used on 5 july 2016 at around 7.35 pm in panaji, goa that the domain investor was forced to flee the room to evade the criminal attack of the animal like official . usually the domain investor will disconnect and leave the room to evade the attack of cruel criminal officials, on 5 july 2016, the criminal attack was so severe that the internet connection was not disconnected.

The domain investor went to another room and watched TV till the pain due to microwave attack of criminal cruel animal like officials reduced to a level which could be tolerated. When she returned to the room and checked the laptop, the internet connection was still on , which was disconnected. Now the only way to evade the hitech criminal animal like ntro official, is to reduce internet usage to the minimum and flee the room at the first sign of pain.

It is a very cruel cunning criminal way of animal like ntro officials to reduce the productivity, income, revenues of a harmless indian citizen, monitor the person falsely claiming national security and criminally attack the harmless person every time she will connect to the internet, causing great pain, especially in panaji, goa ,so that she is forced to remain idle